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About Us

Hucap is a human capacity development and performance improvement firm aimed at helping organisations in achieving increased performance by unlocking the potentials of their workforce through learning.

We do not believe in “One size fit all” approach. Our solutions are tailored to our client’s needs as In delivering our services, we


Understanding the cause of the problem, its effect and impact on the employees and business as a whole is the first step to solving it. Here, we work with the client and respective stakeholders to have a grounded understanding of the problem.


Bespoke solutions are made to specification. To ensure solutions being delivered are fit for the system and its people, we conduct a painstaking assessment of the work environment and people to create the best solution.


Creating the perfect solution requires industry knowledge, experience, professionalism, and the right people. With all these available, we ensure our solutions are meticulously designed to solve capacity or performance problems.

Implementation and Evaluation

This is where visions and plans become a reality, where we set the ball rolling and execute the solution. Further, we do not just leave our clients after implementation, we ensure value realization through monitoring and assessment of the solution's impact to the business, its level of usage to ensure compliance, evaluate success as well as return on investment

Our vision

We believe that designing products and services in close partnership with our clients is the only way to have a real impact on their business.


Years of experience


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