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Organizational Learning and Development in Nigeria – 2021 Report

This report provides substantial information on the impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on individual and workplace Learning and Development (L&D). Feedbacks from respondents provided the basis for our suggestions on the opportunities and challenges for L&D, due to COVID-19.

As companies struggle to stay afloat amidst the waves of the global pandemic, workplace learning became a plank for survival. The key resources of an organization – humans, needed to socially distance themselves necessitating the need to work from home. This new development exposed the learning gaps in several organizations and there was a frantic rush to fill these gaps in order to keep business rolling. The global pandemic thus accelerated a trend which was already underway, fast-tracking a shift in the L&D industry from classroom to online learning (self-paced and instructor-led).

In all, online learning received more visibility from individuals and corporate organizations during these times.

This report explores feedbacks from over a hundred employees and HR/L&D professionals on questions around changes experienced in the organization and personal learning and development, the new normal of L&D due to COVID-19 and discoveries made during the pandemic.

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Report 2021

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