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Organizational Training and Development Report in Nigeria – 2020 Report

The need for consistent development of employees cannot be overemphasized as it lies at the core of every organizations’ growth process. In simple terms, training and development refer to any attempt undertaken to improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities of employees in order to experience an increase in productivity. While training encompasses the transfer of specific skills, development refers to the creation of an enabling environment for employees’ growth.

We recently conducted a survey in a bid to determine the perception and application of organizational training and development (T&D) in Nigeria before the COVID-19 Pandemic, and the responses were used in the analysis of this report.

This report provides factual basis for organizations to re-strategize their T&D approach and right steps to take in achieving expected results from T&D activities.

In this report, we explored answers to questions under the following areas:

  • Access to training
  • Relevance of training to job role
  • Training evaluation
  • Awareness of training objectives
  • Unit managing organization’s training

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Report 2020

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